Tax & Accounting For Individuals

Advise LLP provides a complete range of federal and state tax preparation and review services for all individuals, including immigrants to the United States and American citizens living abroad. We ensure compliance with all existing tax law, and furnish tax audit representation as needed. We also minister to all your accounting and financial planning requirements, especially for those in the entertainment industry. 

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We specialize in:

Tax Preparation and Review Services

  • Prepare individual federal and state tax returns
  • Ascertain and analyze prior tax filings to review to tax opportunities
  • Prepare quarterly and payroll tax estimates

Tax Planning and Consulting

  • Develop tax planning objectives
  • Review transactions to determine tax outcomes
  • Develop tax projections to ascertain appropriate tax payments
  • Engage in discussions on potential tax legislation and intent
  • Audit representation
  • Appeals requests
  • Offers in compromise
  • Collection disputes

Financial Planning

  • Develop financial plan and objectives
  • Create investment portfolio to meet financial plan
  • Engage in annual review of financial plan

Risk Management Review

  • Review need to asset protection and insurance needs
  • Engage with trusted advisors to ascertain risks

Estate Planning

  • Consult on estate and succession planning
  • Review tax considerations to mitigate estate /gift taxes
  • Develop an estate plan with network of trusted advisors

Immigration Tax Compliance

  • Assist in development of immigration plan with network of trusted advisors
  • Consult on US residency rules for immigrants and /or visa holders
  • Prepare and review tax compliance matters for US immigrants and visa holders including non resident tax returns, FBAR compliance, and foreign gift transfers
  • Advise on tax entity structure
  • Review business plans

Expatriate Tax Compliance

  • Consult on tax consequences for living abroad for US citizens /residents
  • Review foreign bank account and foreign investment disclosures (FBAR and Form 8938)
  • Review US exit strategies
  • Setup/design loan–out corporations
  • Payroll and compensation planning
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Budgeting to prepare for future financial health
  • Review risk management strategies including insurance
  • Real estate acquisition plan
  • Estate planning
  • Family wealth building

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