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Tax Reform Highlights – Individual Provisions

Although some have criticized the process, priorities, and policies used in the formulation of this major tax system overhaul, we in the tax and accounting industry anticipated action. After several iterations, we finally got our wish for something—anything—in concrete so that we could get tax plans in place before year end and have answers to the many questions that our clients are asking about what tax reform does to their 2018 tax bill. On December
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Alternative vehicle tax credits

Please check out the IRS website for the alternative vehicle credits.  There are credtis for hybrids, electric, clean diesel, fuel cell vehicles.  Keep in mind depends on quotas.  Talk with your tax advisor to see if the quota has been met for that vehicle.  Credits seem to be best on electric vehicles. Credits range from $500 to $4,000.,,id=202341,00.html
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