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How Do You Minimize Cryptocurrency Taxes?

Cryptocurrency, or crypto, as it’s often abbreviated, has gained increasing attention and legitimacy over the past decade. And in light of recent economic issues, interest in crypto is surging, a trend that is likely to continue. Crypto’s status as a financial instrument is not quite “as good as cash,” though it’s not far off. But no one is quite sure how to deal with crypto. Including the government. How The US Government Currently Taxes Cryptocurrency
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Excess Liquidity

What is Excess Liquidity?  It’s a term that banks or other financial institutions utilize to talk about too much money or capital chasing too few deals.  It’s an interesting phenomenon. The last time we had this , was in 2006 and 2007 before the economy deflated.  There was a lot of investment money in 1) Hedge funds 2) Private equity 3) Commercial banks buying business assets.  Loan restrictions were relaxed and loans were given to people
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