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Democrats Propose Tax Credits On US-Made Electric Vehicles

  The US Congress, currently controlled by the Democrats, is considering a slew of tax incentives and tax increases amid annual federal budget negotiations. A vote is pending on a $3.5 billion budget resolution, and while the Democrats are not keen to discuss proposed tax increases (which we’ll discuss soon), they are happy to trumpet possible tax incentives. One of which includes a potential tax credit on the purchase of US-made electric vehicles. So, what’s
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Do You Qualify For An Unemployment Tax Refund?

  At the height of the pandemic-fueled “lockdown,” unemployment reached an unprecedented 14.4%. That equated to over 20 million people, some temporarily and others permanently, losing their jobs. The majority of whom applied for unemployment benefits. Though public health concerns still linger and various restrictions remain in place, most businesses that weathered the storm have returned to operation. And in turn, unemployment has dropped nationally to under 6% (though that figure hovers close to 8%
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