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How Will President Biden’s Tax Plan Impact Your Personal Finances?

What was the biggest selling point in former President Trump’s reelection campaign? It can be summed up in two words… LOWER TAXES! In fact, Trump successfully positioned himself as the “no new taxes” alternative to Biden’s stanch “tax the rich” stance. And many of the 75+ million citizens that cast their votes for Trump did so because of a massive marketing campaign relentlessly flogging the imagine of Biden as a “tax mad government robber,” coming
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What is The FFCRA Credit?

Sadly but certainly, countless small businesses have been whacked HARD by the COVID-19 pandemic. And nowhere has this hardship been more onerous for small business owners than when it comes to managing employees. Whether an employee fell ill with COVID, had a spouse or family member fall ill, or was forced to stay home due to a school or nursing care facility closure — the working question is either not on the job or far
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