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New Stimulus Bill Summary

  The COVID-19 vaccination rollout is charging full steam ahead! And it seems likely that all those who want the vaccine will be vaccinated before summer’s end. California (along with many other states) is laying off the “lockdown” restrictions and allowing most businesses to reopen (at least in some fashion). But while these are certainly positive developments, huge swaths of the economy continue to sputter. To address this still financially precarious situation, the new Biden
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Recovery Rebate Credit

  For a lot of folks out there, 2020 was an abysmal year financially speaking. Which, for most, means the more deductions, credits, and rebates you can scrap together — to either minimize the taxes owe or pump up your tax refund — the better. One such credit you might not be aware of is the Recovery Rebate Credit. If you’re not familiar, here are more details on how the credit works and who qualifies…
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