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Tax Prep Q&A

  It’s that time of year again… The tax season is upon us! And with no indication of any reprieve — in the form of an extension on this year’s filing date — the Tax Man is looking for his due no later than April 15th. Which, of course, means it’s time to get your finances in order. But with the topsy turvy year that’s just passed us by, no one would be surprised if
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Congress Passes $900 Billion COVID Relief Package

  First off, Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed a happy, and most importantly, healthy holiday season. Secondly, it’s a brand new year… But we’re still facing many of the same problems. Particularly in California. Govern Newsom has extended the current lockdown order “indefinitely.” Which has forced many businesses to shutter or further curtain operations. Of course, this is bad news for a whole lot of people, business owners and employees alike. And
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