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The State of California Authorizes $500 Million in Small Business Aid

  There’s certainly no disagreement that 2020 has been a real kick in the behind. And with renewed “lock-downs” and continued uncertainty over how the promised vaccine will be rolled out and what impact it will ultimately have, financial instability remains the current “norm.” The US Congress has just passed a $900 billion COVID aid package. The President has complained about the bill and is pushing for larger direct stimulus payments. The current package, which
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Will Businesses Who Took PPP Funds Be Hit With A Big Unexpected Tax Bill?

  Given the complete financial and economic bedlam 2020 has unleashed, the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) has been an absolute Godsend from countless small businesses AND their employees. But that said, the program has not come without its share of confusion, and in some cases, consequences. And one of the biggest concerns for many businesses as we coast into the end of the fiscal + calendar year is whether or not PPP funded expenses can
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