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Trump Vs. Biden… Which Candidate’s Tax Plan is Best for Your Finances?

  With less than a week left until the upcoming Presidential election, it’s nearly GO TIME for US voters! The “polls” still have Biden leading President Trump by a solid margin. But it’s worth noting that Hilary Clinton held roughly the same lead at this point in the run-up to the 2016 Presidential election. And we all know that turned out… Moreover, incumbent candidates have historically dominated elections in American politics, typically scoring victories over
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AB 5 Rules Relaxed For Writers + Musicians, New CARES Act Carry-back Extension, And Biden’s Tax Plan

  Following more than six months of sheer chaos, the world seems to be settling down a bit. Or course, concerns surrounding COVID-19, and its impact on the economy persist. But most folks are looking to regain some measure of “normality” (whatever that actually means going forward) in their personal and professional lives. In the meantime, a couple of important tax legislation revisions have emerged. And with the Presidential election looming, many are wondering what
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