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AB 5 Generates Unintended Consequences For Many Independent Contractors

Assembly Bill 5 (AB 5) was passed by the California Legislature last year (2019) and officially took effect in January. This sweeping new legislation, which impacts the 2020 fiscal year and beyond, seeks to address what the California State Government sees as a gaping hole in the so-called “gig economy.” Outfits like Uber, Lyft, and the myriad food delivery services have all refused to grant drivers official “employee” status. Instead, insisting their legions of self-scheduling
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Additional Deductions Allowed Under the CARES Act + Is More Stimulus Funding on the Way?

  When the coronavirus crashed headlong into our world, the only thing certain, was…well…uncertainty. A sentiment you’ve no doubt heard echoed on just about every media update since mid-March. Yet now, nearly six months later, the prognosis remains…well…uncertain. Some businesses are open, while others remain closed. Some businesses are approaching full operational capacity, while others remain significantly scaled back. The rise in unemployment has slowed, but new jobless claims continue to roll in. And still,
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