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The Tax Consolidation Act of 2020 Promises to “Extend” Tax Savings in the Coming Fiscal Year

Squeezed in just under the wire late last December, alongside the annual government spending bill, The Tax Consolidation Act of 2020 further chips away at Obama Care tax consequences, offers some new tax-savings, and includes extensions on several money-saving tax deductions. More Obama Care Repeals Three key tenets of the Affordable Care Act (ACA — AKA “Obama Care”) were repealed in the Tax Consolidation Act, including: The “Healthcare Tax” has been nixed (California, however, has
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California Establishes An Individual Mandate for Health Insurance Coverage

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) – AKA Obama Care – has yet to be totally repealed. And it’s more likely to be replaced rather than canceled without a credible alternative in place. But several key elements of the program have been excised since the Trump Administration won the White House in 2016. This includes removing the penalty for failing to purchase health insurance. The “Individual Mandate,” as it was originally known, required every citizen to
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