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Achieving Peak Financial Fitness

  Yosemite National Park, where I’m pictured in the photo above, is one of California’s greatest natural treasures. This shot was taken across from the half dome at Glacial Point. A stunning viewpoint to say the least! The beauty of Yosemite’s landscape and the majesty of the park’s stunning mountains are truly awe-inspiring. Speaking of Yosemite’s mountains, the park is home several very impressive peaks. That includes Glacial Point, pictured above, which rises over 7,200
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Tax Payers First Act Brings Welcome Reforms to IRS Appeals Process

Few things induce gut-churning panic faster than notice of an IRS audit. It’s a fear to which no taxpayer is immune. But thankfully, the recent passing of the Taxpayer First Act (TFA) is bringing some solace to taxpayers grappling with an IRS audit. Particularly for those appealing an audit. Internal Revenue Service Independent Office of Appeals To begin with, the TFA establishes the Internal Revenue Service Independent Office of Appeals. This new administrative body is
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