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2015 Strategic Tax Planning for Businesses

YEAR-END BUSINESS PLANNING As with prior years, business tax planning is unsure due to the expiration of many popular but temporary tax breaks that have been of an “extenders” package of legislation. Another factor leading to uncertainty is the far-reaching Affordable Care Act. Additional changes to the tax law in 2015 made by new regulations and other IRS guidance also need to be weighed when evaluating year-end strategies. Code Sec. 179 Expensing Code Sec. 179
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2015 Strategic Tax Planning for Individuals

YEAR-END INDIVIDUAL PLANNING As in years past, there may be value in the customary year-end methods of shifting income. Taking stock of income and expenses to determine whether measures to defer or accelerate one or the other, before the close of the current tax year, should be considered as applicable at year-end 2015 as it has been in the past. As markets continue to adjust and fluctuate, it makes sense to evaluate current gains and
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