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R&D tax credit cases – favorable

Multiple court cases settled in 2009 are likely to affect IRS examinations of prior- and future-year claims. The good news is that the rulings in these cases were favorable to taxpayers and sought to clear up long-standing issues regarding credit qualification and documentation. The following are brief comments about significant rulings:
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Obama Potential Tax Hikes after 2012

Five Types of Obama Tax Hikes President Obama’s unnecessary tax hikes break down into five categories: 1. Repeal of the 2001 and 2003 Tax Cuts for Upper-Income Families. President Obama reached an agreement with Congress in late 2010 to extend all 2001 and 2003 tax cuts for two more years, through 2012. After praising that agreement immediately after its passage, the President changed quickly back to his long-held preference of allowing those tax cuts to
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Obama Tax Compromise through 2012

The tax compromise extending Bush-era tax cuts has now been signed into law. It has cleared up some uncertainty concerning tax rates and deductions that made tax planning problematic for both this year and next. At the least, we hope the compromise brings certainty through 2012. The following main points summarize the compromise:
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