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IRS debt – Ways to consolidate your back taxes

People who have dealt with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) before know how much of a herculean task it is come out of their grip unscathed. This federal tax collection body is entrusted as the guardian of the nation’s tax code. However, if the ground realities are to be considered, then people are bound to face financial crisis at any moment that may force them stop making tax payments and spend those money on more
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Congress extends Medicaid and education funding at expense of multinational corporations

Just read an excellent update on the new bill that passed on 8/10/2010 in the House, still subject to Senate vote.  Quick summary: Medicaid / Education funding for states passed Continual erosion of ability to get foreign tax credits for multinationals or even taxpayers with multiple foreign corps.  Foreign tax credits prevent the double taxation of US and foreign taxes.  For example if your US corp owns a UK corp, that US corp may have
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Tax hikes or yikes – Bush tax cuts expire

Bush tax cuts are due to expire end of 2010: Here are the key provisions: 1) Top marginal income tax rate goes from 35% to 39.6% 2) Qualified dividend tax rate goes from 15% to your income tax bracket, which can be has high as 39.6% 3) Long term capital gain tax rate goes from 15 to 20% for most taxpayers. 4) Section 179 depreciation goes from $250,000 to $25,000 5) Estate tax exemption goes
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